Sean and Blanca Realtor Couple
Sean and Blanca - Realtor Couple
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What you will get when you partner with #SeanAndBlanca at eXp Realty
  • Unlimited access to Sean and Blanca (via cell phone) for anything you need - seriously, we are your business partners
  • Get access to Sean and Blanca's eXp Jump-Start 30-60-90 day plan. 
  • Real Estate Coaching via live events and online on how to develop your added value/niche and story.
  • Sean and Blanca will do a video interview with you and help you jump-start your career at eXp tell your Story to the world (if you want to)!
  • ​Sean and Blanca will encourage you and model for you - how to become a media company. 
  • ​At eXp Realty, you'll have multiple streams of income. Sean and Blanca will show you how to tap-into ALL OF THEM!
  • ​Sean and Blanca are dedicated to help grow your REV Share (passive income) and expand your business. We do this by meeting in person with you and your agent prospect, 3-way calls, zoom meetings and live events. Our goal is to expand national and international in English & Spanish. 
  • ​Review and help develop your listing & buyer presentations, CMA's and social media strategy.
  • ​Sean and Blanca's coaching, mentoring and all other training lifetime access
  • ​Sean and Blanca can help you close on upper bracket listings or deals that you don’t have experience with.
  • ​Collaboration with open houses.
  • ​Collaborate with Sean and Blanca and other agents in the Twin Cities to cover you when you travel
  • ​Why are you still doing file management? We have the greatest team of Transaction Coordinators and we'll connect you to them. 
  • ​Are you planning on refreshing or rebranding your personal brand and colors? Our team and downline will have access to our award-winning graphics designer for signs, business cards and all of their branding needs.
  • ​Bilingual collaboration/marketing and client referrals in Spanish
  • ​Sean and Blanca are going WORLDWIDE with eXp - that means traveling and adventures around the world! Join us!
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    Sean and Blanca - Realtor Couple
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